Basic Lawn Watering tips

Even though the hot summer months seem to be past us , you need to be reminded of some basic lawn watering tips.

These tips may seem basic or obvious to some , but I encounter people every day that still water their lawn incorrectly.

Here goes:

NEVER, EVER water the lawn at night. Especially in the summer. It promotes an environment that fungus and disease love.

A deeper , less frequent watering is better for most lawns than watering everyday lightly. Watering the lawn lightly every day promotes shallow roots. You want strong, deep, roots.

About 1 inch of water a week is required in most parts of the country.
Watering your lawn in the middle of the day will evaporate most of the water and it will never get into the lawn where it is needed.

Nothing will ever replace a good , sustained soaking rain.

If you have an irrigation system, make sure your heads overlap and they are set properly. Many times brown spots on lawns are caused by misaligned sprinkler heads.

Your lawns need water even in cool weather too. I have seen Aprils and Octobers that were cool but dry. No rain . Even though it is not 100 degrees out, the lawn needs water even in cooler months . If it isn’t raining for 3 1/2 weeks , it still needs water .

New seed wont germinate without water. Constant moisture . Not a 4 hour washout watering, but it should stay moist almost all day if possible. Once the seed is establishing, you can back off the watering to a more normal pace.

New seed will not germinate without water. Got it?

Find newer, less water dependent, varieties of grass seed to renovate into the lawn. Turf type tall fescue is deep rooted and new hybrid bluegrasses like Thermal Blue (available exclusively at RF Morse) that are drought and even shade tolerant.


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