Welcome !

Welcome to Do your Own Lawncare.

My name Dave , and I have been in the professional lawncare industry for 20 years. I currently consult and sell lawncare products to professional lawncare operators & golf courses.

The Purpose of this blog is to assist you (the homeowner) in your quest for a beautiful lawn and landscape. I will attempt to debunk many common myths I encounter every day from professionals and homeowners alike. The world is filled with bad lawncare advice being dispensed from a number of sources. Unknowledgable garden center help , your neighbor , your father in law and sometimes even the man cutting your lawn.

All this does is confuse you, and you end up wasting time and money on products that wont work or you didnt need in the first place. It can be frustrating, I know.

I will also help recommend products that actually work. Most of the time , these are the same products professionals use when taking care of your lawn. Lawncare is’nt rocket science, but the right product and timing is crucial for success.

Feel free to post a comment or ask a specific question if needed, and check back often for timely updates.




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