How to get rid of moles

People will often offer lots of advice on how to get rid of moles, unfortunately most of it is wrong.

Grubs are a common misconception and buying grub killer will waste your money and do nothing for moles
In the past, not much was truly understood about mole behavior, but one company has done a 3 year study of moles and their habits, and came up with the best information on how to get rid of them.

Most moles diets are 90-95% Earth worms. If they come across a grub, they will certainly eat it, but the main source of there diet.
Moles are tricking. No gimmicks work. If anyone tells you differently, it was by luck or coincidence. Sonic Chasers, grain pellets, all the advice from your neighbor doesn’t work.

What does work is time & scouting , the right way. You need to find the active tunnels. Usually they are the ones running along a sidewalk or driveway or running parallel to a house. If you’re not certain, take a small hand spade and open up a small hole in the tunnel. Mark the area, and do it all around the yard. Come back 24-48 hours, the holes that are repaired are active tunnels.

Now you have the active tunnels, these are the ones to concentrate on. Moles traps can work, but most don’t use them right. You need more than one. Maybe 5-6.

Put them in front of the repaired areas and set them. It is a good idea to actually sterilize them with hot steam, or water and wear rubber gloves when setting them. Moles don’t see well, and have a keen sense of smell. If they smell human scent, they may not go through.

More than likely there are more than 1, so if you catch 1 or 2 , reset the traps and put them back.

Their are easier to use professional products like Talpirid that offer the easiest and most effective way to get rid of moles. It is a rubberish earth worm with an active ingredient on it. Instead of a trap near the repaired holes, you insert a worm. Once you identify the active tunnels, open a small hole and insert a worm. Mark the area with a stick or cheap flag. When you come back 24-48 hrs later and the hole is repaired, then you know he ate the worm and you got him. Moles are neat little creatures and will always repair the hole if they come across it.

Hope it helps and save your grub dollars for prevention products like Merit, and use those dollars for grubs…. (which also has a lot of myths and wasted money associated with them)

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