My Lawn has grubs !

My Lawn has grubs!

A short post about grubs. More info later. It’s a popular topic.

If you are in your yard and see a grub or 2, you probably don’t have grubs.

You may even see a couple in the lawn, but it is not worth treating at this point. Really.

Why waste your money and apply insecticides when you don’t have to?

You need to apply grub killer when you have grub infestations. Grub infestations kill turf. Too many grubs chewing up your roots and the grass can’t get the water and nutrients it needs, so it turns brown.

Signs to look for

1. Actual grubs. Many of them in one area Healthy turf can probably sustain about 5-6 grubs easily in a sq ft area. more than that, and You need to treat
2. Brown turf that is very loose. Rips up easily because there are no roots. The turf may not always be brown either. It will always lift up like a rug on a floor or a cheap toupee.
3. Heavy Bird activity in the lawn in a concentrated area. Birds love those little grubbies, and seeing a lot of them ought to prompt investigation
4. Skunk or raccoon damage. They eat grubs too, and can do as much damage as the birds and grubs digging around for them.
5. Japanese beetle and other beetle activity. Most of this activity takes place during the summer. These are the very critters laying eggs in your lawn. These eggs become grubs and eat your lawn later. However you decide to attack the beetles, please do not use those beetle traps in your yard. Those traps attract beetles to your yard. Before (and IF) the find their way into the traps, they are laying eggs throughout the lawn. Be a nice neighbor and give those traps to the neighbor you don’t like 4 houses down.

Late summer /Early fall & spring is the time of year for grubs, so keep an eye out. Tomorrow, how and what to use to treat them.
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3 responses to “My Lawn has grubs !

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  3. Hello I have a large area that grubs have destroyed. We took the dead grass up and some of the infected soil and put a liquid grub killer on this spot. We watered right away and then it rained that evening. It killed the grubs close to the top but we dug down in the soil a few days later and there was still some alive and moving.My grandson is putting more treatment down today and watering. When will the grubs be gone? When can we plant? Judy

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