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My Lawn has grubs !

How to treat grubs

Printable Lawn care guide to soil & fertility. A little more advance for those that want to know about soil structures and fertility. A great read from Washington State University regardless.

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3 responses to “Problem Solver Index

  1. I have a yard full of small, shallow holes about 8″ in diameter and about 3″ -4″ inches deep. I think they’re from the previous owner’s dog digging. How do I repair these?

  2. Use any good topsoil from your property or in bags from a local garden center. Fill the holes with slightly more soil than needed to fill them. This will prevent them from settling and causing a small depression when it does. Scratch the surface with a rake, and hand toss some seed on top. Use the back edge of a rake a wash it in.

    Water the areas
    Make sure you dont use and weed or crabgrass products in these areas until the grass seed has grown a few inches . They will prevent the seed from germinating.

    Good luck

  3. I have a huge mole problem in my yard. It is late October. I’m pretty sure I have grubs. Is it too late to put grub x down? I know that will eliminate most of the food source for the moles and I’ve heard that once the food source is removed the moles usually go away. What other things can I do to eliminate the mole infestation? My lawn looks awful from all the tunnels and holes and brown splotches from the dead grass.

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